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    spam filter in the cloud

For those who are interested, this site is protected by Cleantalk's Anti Spam.

With Cleantalk's Protection, spam bots can no longer register on this website. Also they cannot leave spam comments in our articles, leaving this site nice and clean. Since I have installed Cleantalk Anti Spam

more than 45 Spam Registrations were stopped automatically without the need of having extra spam security questions and answers, Captcha security etc.

Here's a screenprint of the number of accepted registrations and blocked registrations and visits and examples of the log files.

Also good to know is that Cleantalk's helpdesk is extremely quick in responding and solving issues.  

For further information please visit:

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1) Re: Cleantalk Anti Spam for websites
Written by Guest on 08 April 2018, 14:01
Hé that's an interesting apam tool!


SMF spam blocked by CleanTalk